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Founded by two young and dedicated translators, Subtranslations is commited to providing the best quality in the language services industry. We provide accurate and professional translations from English into all European and Asian languages and also from all languages into English. We use human and in-country experienced translators.We don’t just translate, we localize.


Translation and localization

We excel in translation services, handling projects ranging from individual documents to entire books, websites, and more. Our goal is to assist you in expanding within local markets, ensuring your message resonates. With a skilled team and extensive experience, we guarantee timely and professional project completion.While the internet can connect you to clients, language barriers may be causing you to lose potential customers. Studies show that users are more likely to stay on your travel agency, eCommerce platform, or blog if the content is in their native language, enhancing the likelihood of making a purchase. Quality, native-speaker-written content is crucial.For top-notch translation and localization services, reach out via email for a quote. We'll promptly respond to meet your needs.


Subtitling and transcription

Subtitling involves more than a direct word-for-word translation. Our goal is to ensure that the essence of your content resonates with foreign audiences as intended by the screenwriter. Our subtitle translators grasp the context and meaning of the original, ensuring a seamless conveyance in the target language. Technical factors like reading speed, timing, and characters-per-line limits are considered for a result that aligns with the original style.Whether it's a film, ad, tutorial, series, or documentary, we guarantee the translated dialogue maintains the same flavor and style as the original. Our subtitle translators are attuned to linguistic and cultural norms, ensuring a faithful translation.In addition to subtitling, we offer transcription, captioning, timestamps, and verbatim transcription services. Our expertise extends to handling multi-speaker files, encompassing interviews, meetings, lectures, webinars, phone calls, market research, podcasts, religious sermons, therapy sessions, and more.



At Subtranslations, we are dedicated to impeccable grammar. Our proofreaders meticulously review each text with one goal: to eliminate errors. Post-proofreading, your text not only becomes free of grammar mistakes but also achieves flawless punctuation, consistency, and style.We prioritize your company's image, believing every associated text should be perfect. With experience and a keen eye, we spot mistakes of any kind. Recognizing every text's susceptibility to errors, a quality proofreader is essential for accurate, market-ready content.Don't compromise your company's image; entrust us to maintain your professional appearance. We ensure your text remains entirely error-free. Seeking proofreading services? Email us for a quote, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.

We don’t just translate, we localize.

We offer the following services

We provide translation services along with related offerings, including:

  • Subtitling, CC/SDH and transcription

  • Subtitles burn-in

  • Template creation

  • Proofreading

We don’t just translate, we localize.

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